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Coaching classes happen at a fixed time, but your preparation should not. You should be able to prepare anytime & anywhere. Smart students choose Aakash Byju’s Tab and learn at their own pace watching recorded video lessons by top teachers.

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Pure Rolling
JEE — Physics
Types of Solids
NEET - Chemistry
Van der Waal forces
JEE — Chemistry
Characteristics of Cloning Vector
NEET — Biology
Director Circle
JEE — Maths
Young’s Double Slit Experiment
JEE — Physics
Cell prokaryotic
NEET - Biology
Solid State
NEET - Chemistry
Light (Introduction of Light)
CBSE - Class 10 Physics
Real Numbers
CBSE - Class 10 Maths
Absolute Rest Absolute Motion
CBSE - Class 9 Physics
Rational Numbers Additive Identity
CBSE - Class 8 Maths

Performance Excellence

AIR 1 (Female)

secured by Aakashian in JEE Advanced 2022

AIR 2,3

secured by Aakashians in NEET 2022


Aakashians qualified in JEE advanced 2022


Aakashians qualified in NEET 2022


Aakashians qualified from the Digital/Distance Program in NEET 2022


Aakashians qualified in JEE Mains 2022



"NEET requires a lot of hard work, so consistency is definitely a key, and error analysis is most important"


Vatsa Ashish Batra | NEET-UG | 2022


"I used to make mistakes even in my last exam but I used to learn from them and I would learn in such a way that I would not repeat the same type of mistake in my next exam"


Hrishikesh N Gangule | NEET-UG | 2022


"Consistency is the main thing that you have to take care of while preparing for NEET UG"


Zeel Vyas | NEET-UG | 2022


"It is also important to communicate with parents…because this journey is going to be difficult and there will be times when you feel a little frustrated…talking to parents will help as they will only try to help you out."


Tanishka kabra | JEE Advanced | 2022


"All the exams that I performed well in, one strategy that was same throughout was that nothing was more important than practicing the previous years' papers."


Jaladhi Joshi | JEE Advanced | 2022


"My parents supported me during JEE journey. They motivated me always due to which I got a good score"


Kanak Barfa | JEE Mains | 2022

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