Why leave your hometown for coaching classes when you can bring it to your home? Smart students choose Aakash Live and get the best faculty from Aakash via live online classes, along with instant doubt resolution support at the convenience of their home.

  • Classes at Home

    Attend live classes at the convenience and safety of your home. Save travel time.

  • Study Material

    Get printed books prepared by qualified and experienced Aakash Faculty.

  • Mend with Mentors

    Mentors allotted to each batch. Reach via phone/SMS/email for counselling sessions related to academics and time management.

  • Replay a Missed Class

    You can access the recording of any class and replay it as many times as you want.rom Aakash via live online classes, along with instant doubt resolution support at the convenience of their home.


Coaching classes happen at a fixed time, but your preparation should not. You should be able to prepare when you want, where you want. Smart students choose Aakash iTutor and learn at their own pace by watching recorded video lectures.

  • Doubt Clarification

    Doubts clarified across all topics by Aakash faculty via ‘Ask an Expert’.

  • Integrated Tests and Assessments

    Assess what you have studied and keep track of your progress with online tests and analytical reports.

  • Multi-device Platform

    Access iTutor on your desktop, laptop or mobile phone.

  • Study Material

    Aakash study material in printed books and e-Book format.


Important things in life should not be left to chance and probability. Especially when it comes to your success in the entrance exams. Smart students choose Aakash PracTest to test themselves against students outside their coaching center.

  • All India Ranking

    Measure where you stand and see your performance benchmarking at All India Level by taking AIATS.

  • Multi-Device Platform

    You can take tests on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phones.

  • Answer Key and Detailed Solutions

    Analyze your performance with answer keys and detailed solutions for selected tests.

  • Offline Test Taking

    Students who don’t have access to the internet can also take offline tests.


Standard Form of Circle
JEE — Maths
Motion in a plane
NEET - Physics
Human health & disease
NEET — Zoology
Conservation of linear momentum
JEE — Physics
CBSE — Class 10 Maths
Non Renewable Sources
CBSE — Class 10 Physics
Cell prokaryotic
NEET - Biology
Solid State
NEET - Chemistry
Light (Introduction of Light)
CBSE - Class 10 Physics
Real Numbers
CBSE - Class 10 Maths
Absolute Rest Absolute Motion
CBSE - Class 9 Physics
Rational Numbers Additive Identity
CBSE - Class 8 Maths

Performance Excellence

Every 1 in 3

Aakashians successfully qualified in NEET 2020


Aakashians qualified in NEET 2020

AIR 1, 2, 3

Secured by Aakashians in NEET 2020

Every 1 in 3

Aakashians qualified JEE Advanced 2020


Aakashians qualified in JEE Advanced 2020


Secured in JEE Advanced 2020



"\"I joined the 2-year engineering program of Aakash Live for JEE Main and JEE Advanced. The journey at Aakash helped me a lot in my JEE preparation. The environment in the online classes was very interactive and competitive. The faculty members taught very patiently and cleared all the doubts which helped in strengthening the concepts. So, I would thank all the teachers of Aakash Live for helping me a lot in JEE preparation.\""


Utkarsh Dogra | JEE Main | 2020


"I come from a small city where access to good coaching institutes was nearly impossible. That's when I targeted to enroll myself in Aakash Live Program with the aim to become a doctor. Now from any exam point of view, practice and tests are important aspects of preparation. And I can tell this with utmost confidence that the questions and preparation pattern of Aakash Digital really made it easier for me to crack NEET 2020. The pace at which my doubts were resolved is also commendable so thanks a lot faculty for helping me secure an AIR 874 in NEET 2020."


Anish Kumar Choudhury | NEET-UG | 2020


"I'm really happy to see my AIR. At first, I was quite hesitant to join Aakash Digital but had no choice because the study centers were 100 kms away from my house. So, I enrolled myself in their course. I honestly didn't feel any difference in their online and offline pattern. Got the best faculty, best study material with an added bonus of studying anytime as per my convenience. Their recorded video lectures and live classes helped me secure AIR 586 in NEET 2020."


Varunn K Samy | NEET-UG | 2020


"I hail from a remote place in Uttrakhand where good coaching institute is still a far fetched dream. But Aakash Digital's live online classes came as a boon for me for my JEE 2020 preparation. Getting the top class coaching from sitting at my home with the best of teachers and online features really helped me crack JEE. Regular reports on my performance helped me understand my weak areas and the study material crafted by the faculty helped me strengthen them with so much ease and comfort. I can't thank everyone at Aakash Digital for making it possible for me to get an AIR 2312."


Tanmay Joshi | JEE Advanced | 2020


"I could've never imagined to top NEET 2020 with an AIR 499 without Aakash Digital. Their Rankers Batch really helped me clear my Inorganic Chemistry doubts in which I was a zero. And today, I cracked NEET. So yes, that says a lot about the best faculty it has got."


Disha Agrawal l NEET-UG | 2020


"My parents introduced me to Aakash iTutor, the recorded video lectures of Aakash Digital for my NEET preparation. I seriously cannot thank them enough for coming up with something like this where I can prepare anywhere anytime. The study material is so easy to comprehend that I learnt things in very short span of time. Thanks a lot guys for helping me secure AIR 405."


Aditya Goyal | NEET-UG | 2020

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