Success chahiyey to duniya ki nahi, apni suno!

Admitting your weaknesses does not diminish your strengths, it shows your courage. And working on them further shows your commitment to fight back and win to make people say, "iski success par toh hume pehele se yakin tha!"

So, if you couldn't perform as expected in NEET/JEE 2020, don't lose hope. Just work on your weaknesses and to convert them into your strengths, choose a coach who believes in you more than you.

Chuno Aakash Digital ka specialized Repeaters Batch for NEET & IIT-JEE aur karo Subject-wise recorded video lectures ke saath har doubt ka immediate resolution – weak areas ko strength mein badalne ke liye. The specially designed online repeater courses for NEET/JEE quickly cover the syllabus with more attention on the important topics and also help you regularly check your progress with the online practice tests.

1100+ recorded video lectures on complete NEET/JEE syllabus
Quick doubt resolution through 'Ask an Expert' feature
25+ online practice tests with modular analysis for regular assessment and improvement
All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS) to help you check your ranking at National level

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Validity upto Sep 12, 2021 | Course Type : Aakash iTutor
200 hrsVideos
13 Tests
15999 (56.25% OFF)

Validity upto Oct 03, 2021 | Course Type : Aakash iTutor
100 hrsVideos
180+ Tests
Printed Books
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NEET - Class 12 Physics
JEE - Class 12 Maths
JEE - Class 11 Physics
CBSE - Class 10 Physics

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