Success chahiyey to duniya ki nahi, apni suno!

"The comeback is always stronger than the setback." Don’t worry if you couldn’t do well in NEET/JEE this year. Just believe in yourself and get ready to come back stronger in your second attempt. Prove the world that comeback is always stronger than the setback with your excellent result in NEET/JEE 2021.

And how will it happen?

With Aakash Digital's repeater batch for NEET/JEE- Jahan Live online classes ke saath karegi Aakash ki experienced faculty aapke har doubt ka immediate resolution, jisse aap ho sakein apne comeback k lie ready. The specially designed online courses for NEET/JEE repeaters quickly cover the syllabus with more attention on the important topics, regular practice tests and revision through recording of the live online classes.

Aakash Live Advantages


NEET - Biology
NEET - Chemistry
CBSE - Class 10 Physics
CBSE - Class 10 Maths
CBSE - Class 9 Physics
CBSE - Class 8 Maths

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