Course Description
  1. Covers a total of 72 Tests for both JEE Main and Advanced Preparation.
  2. Online Test Series accessible on Smartphone,tablet,laptop,or desktop.
  3. Specially designed For JEE Main & Advanced.
Package Contains
72 Tests
Price 1500
2499 39.98% OFF
Package Contains
72 Tests
Course Advantages
    • Assess yourself anytime anywhere and get detailed analysis of each attempted Test
    • Gives you question level data insights and helps you with data to manage your time better during the exam
    • Feedback and detailed analysis at your fingertips
    • Multi-device platform accessibility
Course Features
  • These Tests are ideal to check the level of readiness for competitive exams and prepare accurately.
  • Get relative ranking for each test along with detailed solution and answer key.
  • These tests help Students to test themselves at an All-India level further helping students in learning to handle the real pressure of the competitive exams.
System Requirements
Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile. Internet bandwidth requirement of 512 Kbps.
Product Highlights

Test Type

JEE (Main) JEE  (Advanced)

Part Test

12 12

Mock Test

27 21
Total 39 33

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