Course Description
  1. 12th and 12th Pass Students who have limited time and want to focus only on important topics from an exam standpoint
  2. Covers Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany for XI and XII (NEET Exam)
Package Contains
200 hrsVideos
13 Tests
Price 5999
15999 62.50% OFF
Package Contains
200 hrsVideos
13 Tests
Course Advantages
    • The online test includes 9 part syllabus and 4 full syllabus tests
    • Online test consists of questions in a very structured manner which helps the student to test himself or herself on a specific topic or a test as a whole
    • It provides them with the opportunity to test themselves in a real exam-like situation and makes them ready for the actual NEET exam.
    • The test feature provides students with an in-depth analysis of each question in the Online tests.
Course Features
  • Latest study material curated by the top Aakash Faculty
  • 500+ recorded videos will be delivered through SD card and Online mode.
  • These recordings will help the student strengthen his/her concepts.
  • Course includes Scholar Printed Study Material and chapter assignments
  • Unlimited access to Frequently Asked Questions on the Doubt Forum
System Requirements
Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile. Internet bandwidth requirement of 512 Kbps.

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