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AIATS: All India Aakash Test Series

When it comes to preparation of highly competitive medical and engineering entrance exams, you cannot rely upon luck. The only key to success in these exams is PRACTICE. All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS), the flagship online test series by Aakash Digital has been especially designed for the students aiming to ace medical, engineering and other school level scholarship exams. Students who want to strengthen their preparation by solving the tests should first check all the details about it including AIATS schedule, answer keys, result, FAQs and benefits. Continue reading to check everything about All India Aakash Test Series.

AIATS Exam Pattern

Having a knowledge of the exam pattern helps students prepare effectively and perform well in the exam. AIATS exam pattern includes details like the total number of questions, duration of the exam, language of the question papers etc. You can check exam pattern of AIATS below:

Exam details:

Mode of Examination
Duration of the Examination
3 Hours
Language of Examination
Questions on the combination of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics (Based on the exam you choose)

AIATS Result and Answer Keys

AIATS result will be announced on the official website of Aakash Digital. Along with their All India Rank, students can also check their performance in each section with the detailed performance analysis reports. Along with the AIATS answer keys, result and video solutions are also released to help students work on their weaknesses and convert them into their strengths.

Aakash Test Series (AIATS) Important Points:

  • The exam will be available only in the online format
  • Question papers for AIATS will be available in English language only
  • Students will receive their login credentials including username and password to attempt test, check answer keys and to check their All India Ranking (AIR)
  • Students can download and check answer keys from the official website Aakash Digital
  • Video solutions will also be provided to help students analyse their performance
  • Students can take test on any device including laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone

How Aakash online test series helps you in your exam preparation?

With All India ranking, detailed performance analysis reports and modular analysis, AIATS helps students in different ways. By appearing for the national level online test series, students can understand the true competition in medical, engineering and school level scholarship exams. Check how Aakash test series helps you in achieving your goal of cracking NEET or JEE to become a doctor or an engineer.

All India Ranking

Getting a top rank in a batch of 50-100 students might be easy, but it doesn’t show you the real picture of the competition outside. The national level test helps you understand the real competition as you don’t just compete with the students in your batch but the aspirants across the country. With All India Ranking provided after the exam, you can understand your true level and can give your preparation the right direction.


The questions asked in AIATS have a bit of higher level that prepare you for the worst situations. By solving these questions quickly and scoring good marks, students gain confidence to accurately and quickly attempt questions in the main NEET & JEE exam. The exam encourages you to get a strong command on the concepts to score well, which ultimately improves your final performance.

Performance improvement

Detailed performance analysis reports are provided after every test. These reports along with answer keys help students understand their mistakes and learn from the same. Further, modular video analysis equips you with the right techniques of solving a question quickly and accurately.

Prepares you for CBT format

With most of the exams being conducted in Computer-based-test (CBT) format, online format of All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS) prepares you for the same. The virtual test taking platform gives students an experience of real-life exam and helps them gain confidence for the D-day.

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