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NCERT Class 11 Physics Book

Yes! You have crossed the board exams. Phew! That’s one huge burden gone forever. Now, you have chosen your stream, given a direction to your career and you are on your way to shape your life. If you have always loved Physics, then the NCERT Physics Book of Class 11 is designed to make your fondness towards Physics grow. In the Aakash itutor app, you can easily understand the concepts and problem-solving methodology that can help you succeed in the exams.

However, the syllabus is not going to be easy to handle. Before you start entering into the world of Class 11 Physics, it’s best to get an insight into what you will be facing during this year. You can download PDF of solutions to the questions in NCERT class 11 physics. Here are the summaries of the chapters in the NCERT book of Class 11 Physics:

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Chapter 1: Physical World

The first chapter is all about building your basics about the world of Physics. It will talk about the different physical forces like nuclear force, gravitational force, electromagnetic force, and also give you an insight into the basic laws that govern many natural phenomena.

Chapter 2: Units and Measurement

In the previous classes, you have come across many different units of measuring physical quantities. In this chapter, you will learn what a unit is, what are derived units, base units, the international system of units, and many more. Plus, you will also get acquainted with various methods like parallax angle, parallax method, and other methods of measurement.

Chapter 3: Motion in a Straight Line

Chapter 3 in the NCERT Physics Book of Class 11 is a part of Kinematics. In the junior classes, you have learned about motion and the fundamental properties of motion. In Chapter 3, you will learn about rectilinear motion and how it is measured. You will get into concepts like relative velocity, the magnitude of displacement, reference point, etc.

Chapter 4: Motion in a Plane

What are scalar and vector quantities and how can you measure motion in a plane? This chapter will teach you topics like position and displacement vector, equality of vectors, addition and subtraction of vectors, as well as the derivative laws of the addition of vector and scalar quantities.

Chapter 5: Law of Motion

Chapter 5 in NCERT Physics Book of Class 11 will teach you how bodies move and the factors that act on them. It talks about the effect of gravity on the motion of a body, the direction of force and its corresponding motion, and several other concepts of motion.

Chapter 6: Work, Energy and Power

In the previous classes, you have gone through concepts of work, energy and power. This chapter will introduce you to the relationship between the three. You will also learn about Scalar product, the distributive laws and other complicated concepts.

Chapter 7: Systems of Particles and Rotational Motion

In this chapter, you will learn about momentum conservation, equilibrium of rigid bodies, the centre of mass of two-particle system, torque and many other theories regarding rotational motion and motion of systems of particles. This chapter is loaded with both theory and numerical problems.

Chapter 8: Gravitation

In junior classes, you have come across the concept of gravitation. In this chapter, you will dive into the technical basis of gravitation, Kepler’s laws, acceleration due to gravity of the earth, the universal law of gravitation, weightlessness and many more concepts.

Chapter 9: Mechanical Properties of Solids

In the chapter ‘Mechanical Properties of Solids’, you will learn about the physical properties of solids like elasticity, plasticity, stress, tensile stress, hydraulic stress and other concepts to help you understand the properties of solids.

Chapter 10: Mechanical Properties of Fluid

Chapter 10 in NCERT Physics Book of Class 11 will dive into the physical properties of liquids and gases. You will learn the differences between solids and fluids as well as the common characteristics of gases and liquids. It will also describe the different effects of pressure and tension on fluids.

Chapter 11: Thermal Properties of Matter

You are already aware of the basic concept of Heat. In this chapter, you will get details of the actual definition of heat and also study the various processes by which heat flows. This chapter will also introduce you to some of the basic applications of heat and why it takes place.

Chapter 12: Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics is an important part of Physics and is related to heat and temperature as well as the interconversion of energy. You will learn about the different laws that govern thermal energy, how work gets transformed into heat and vice-versa, and other such interesting concepts.

Chapter 13: Kinetic Theory

Gas consists of really fast-moving atoms. In ‘Kinetic Theory’, you will learn about the behaviour of gases, kinetic theory, and how famous scientists like Newton, Maxwell, Boyle and others contributed to this theory.

Chapter 14: Oscillations

'Oscillations' is an interesting chapter which teaches the students, in detail, about oscillations, oscillatory motion, periodic motion, simple harmonic motion, simple pendulum, time period and other such concepts.

Chapter 15: Waves

In Chapter 15 of NCERT Physics Book of Class 11, you will dive into the concept of waves. You will learn about transverse and longitudinal waves, wavelength and angular wave number, amplitude and phase, and many other essential concepts related to waves.

If you are a Physics enthusiast, then the NCERT Books of Class 11 has everything to keep you satisfied. So, plan properly and try to tackle such a vast and interesting syllabus of NCERT Class 11 Physics book. Share this article with your Physics-loving buddies and collaborate your studies with the soft copy of Class 11 NCERT Physics book PDF.