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NCERT Biology Class 12

Biology is the science of life all around us. If you are interested in this marvel called ‘Life’ and its various processes, then the NCERT Biology Class 12 will be great for you. However, in Class 12, you need to devise a strong strategy to tackle the chapters in the NCERT Biology book for Class 12. The first thing to do before planning is to understand the contents of the syllabus. Here are the summaries of the chapter in the NCERT Biology book for Class 12 that you need to tackle:

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NCERT Biology Class 12 PDF 

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Chapter 1: Reproduction in Organisms

The first chapter in the NCERT Biology book for Class 12 is an important one for the board examination. The first chapter talks about the reproduction process in different unicellular and multicellular organism and sexual and asexual reproduction.

Chapter 2: Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants

In the previous classes, you have learned about sexual reproduction in flowering plants. In this chapter, you will be learning about the sexual reproduction in flowering plants, the morphology, structure and process of sexual reproduction, pre-fertilisation and post fertilisation events.

Chapter 3: Human Reproduction

In junior classes, you have come across a basic understanding of human reproduction. Chapter 3 will elaborate on them and give you further details about the male and female reproductive system, the primary and secondary sex organs, the menstrual cycle, changes in the process of lactation, key stages of pregnancy, etc.

Chapter 4: Reproductive Health

Why is reproductive health so essential? In this chapter, you will become aware of the different sexually transmitted diseases, causes of infertility, when pregnancy can be medically terminated, birth control and other such important topics related to reproductive health.

Chapter 5: Principles of Inheritance and Variation

The chapter ‘Principles of Inheritance and Variation’ is an interesting one which talks about the heredity process and the transfer of traits and genetic information from parents to their offspring. This chapter will make students understand the concept of Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance, Polygenic inheritance, Mendel’s law of Inheritance, Mendelian disorder, Pedigree Analysis, etc.

Chapter 6: Molecular Basis of Inheritance

In the previous chapter, you were given an insight into the basic principles of Inheritance. In this chapter, you will gain insight into the DNA, Transcription, Genetic Code, the Human Genome Process, the main features of the Human Genome, etc.

Chapter 7: Evolution

How does evolution take place? Chapter 7 in the NCERT Biology book for Class 12 dives into the concept of the formation of life on earth, the evolution process and its mechanism, Hardy-Weinberg principle and many more topics about evolution.

Chapter 8: Human Health and Disease

Why do we fall ill? In this chapter, students will get a detailed understanding of the different types of diseases, their treatments, the immune system, and also about fatal diseases like Cancer and AIDS.

Chapter 9: Strategies for Enhancement In Food Production

Food is essential for every human being. In this interesting chapter, you will look into Animal Husbandry, breeding of disease-resistant plants, single-cell Protein, Tissue Culture, Management of farms and farm animals, etc.

Chapter 10: Microbes in Human Welfare

Are all microbes on our planet harmful? In this chapter, you will learn more about the diverse good and bad microbes, their use in household and industrial products, antibiotics, and many more products.

Chapter 11: Biotechnology Principles and Processes

Biotechnology is an essential branch of Biology. In this chapter, you will be introduced to the major principles of biotechnology like the DNA technology process, the obtaining of Foreign Gene product, Restriction Enzymes, etc.

Chapter 12: Biotechnology and its Application

In the previous chapter, you learned about the basic principles of biotechnology. In this chapter, you will look into the many applications of biotechnology in medicine, transgenic animals and the other ways in which biotechnology has helped us.

Chapter 13: Organisms and Population

Chapter 13 covers the topic of an organism and its environment. It talks about the development of an organism, mortality, and the phenomena of different kinds of population interaction.

Chapter 14: Ecosystem

Chapter 14 of the NCERT Biology book for Class 12 will give you a detailed look into the ecosystem, the functions of the ecosystem, the ecological pyramid and succession, nutrient cycling, etc.

Chapter 15: Biodiversity and Conservation

Chapter 15 will teach you the importance of biodiversity, the genetic diversity of species, and other such interesting topics.

Chapter 16: Environmental Issue

Chapter 16 in the NCERT Biology book for Class 12 deals with the issue of pollution, the Greenhouse Effect, radioactive wastes and how we can tackle such pollution.

The NCERT books PDF for Class 12 will help you with lots of diagrams, figures and flowcharts. However, the Class 12th NCERT biology book is quite long. Since time management is a necessity, you can opt for a soft copy of the Class 12th biology NCERT book pdf. Go for the NCERT Biology book for Class 12 New Edition PDF to stay updated. Share this article with your friends and plan together. You can even study in a group with the help of the NCERT biology class 12 pdf.