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NCERT Class 9 Science Book

YES! You are finally in Class 9. This class brings you one step closer to Class 10 and then to the frightening board exams. Are you feeling nervous? Don’t be! Like always, with the right plan and the proper effort, you can easily cross this level and with amazing marks too. The concepts of the NCERT 9th class science book explained by us are explained in our courses properly.

The NCERT 9th class science book is designed to give you a detailed insight into many topics that you have partially covered before and will cover in the future. Here is a chapter-wise summary of the NCERT 9th class science book which will help you in your planning process. For detailed and well-explained solutions to the NCERT class 9th science book, you can also refer to our Aakash itutor app. Now, let’s get started about the different chapters of this book:

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NCERT Class 9 science book pdf free download

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Chapter 1: Matter in Our Surroundings

Matter is all around us. It is made up of tiny particles called atoms. In this chapter, you will learn the importance of matter based on their chemical and physical properties.

Chapter 2: Is Matter Around Us Pure

This chapter answers the question ‘Is matter around us pure?’ It talks about what pure substances are and gives a brief idea about solutions and mixtures.

Chapter 3: Atoms and Molecules

We are aware of what atoms are, but what are molecules? This chapter will dive deeper into the nature of atoms and molecules. It will talk about the differences between molecules of compounds and molecules of elements, the nature of ions, and the different laws that govern them.

Chapter 4: Structure of an Atom

This chapter traces the journey of scientists and their scientific experiments, which helped to understand the atomic structure that we know today. You learn about the exciting discoveries of various scientists and their drawbacks.

Chapter 5: The Fundamental Unit of Life

Cell is the fundamental unit of life. This chapter reveals to you the structure of the cell, which includes cell wall, plasma membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus, and other cell organelles.

Chapter 6: Tissues

This chapter helps students strengthen their knowledge of plant tissues. It teaches you essential concepts like permanent tissues and meristematic tissues, their differences, and their location in the plant body. This chapter also talks about animal tissues in detail and illustrates the differences between the two with labelled diagrams.

Chapter 7: Diversity in Living Organisms

Chapter 7 explains in detail the classification of animals and plants. It mentions the broad groups of organisms and how attempts have been made to classify them since the time of Aristotle. This chapter is very well explained in the NCERT 9th class science book.

Chapter 8: Motion

This chapter is a mix of theory and numerical problems. Chapter 8 will introduce you to scalar and vector quantities, motion, rate of change of velocity, graphical representation of motion, and numerical problems based on the equations of motion.

Chapter 9: Force and Law of Motion

Chapter 9 introduces you to Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion. It talks about the first law regarding inertia; the second law regarding momentum; and the third law.

Chapter 10: Gravitation

While Chapter 9 and 10 take you down the lane of Force and Motion, Chapter 10 focuses on the motion of a body when Gravitational Force acts on it. To build a solid foundation for physics, you must understand this topic properly. To do this, you can refer to our tutorials.

Chapter 11: Work and Energy

Chapter 11 will teach you about work and energy and the relationship between the two. It will also talk about the different forms of energy like Potential and Kinetic Energy and how they are applied in our daily life.

Chapter 12: Sound

In this chapter, you will learn the basics of sound. You will understand what Echo is and why echoes take place. Students normally find it hard to understand this topic. But with courses provided by Aakash digital, you can easily understand it.

Chapter 13: Why Do We Fall Ill

This chapter deals with health and diseases. It talks about the importance of being healthy and the different diseases that make us sick. This chapter also teaches us how to take care of our health.

Chapter 14: Natural Resources

Chapter 14 mentions the importance of natural resources and how we should preserve the resources provided to us.

Chapter 15: Improvement in Food Resources

The last chapter of NCERT 9th Class Science book deals with the improvements in agriculture, crop management, and animal husbandry.

With these detailed summaries of the chapters in the NCERT books, you can plan your study chart for Class 9. Proper planning with the NCERT 9th class science book pdf and the right amount of effort can get you the desired marks in Class 9 Science. So, work hard and best of luck. Share this article with your friends and develop your scientific minds together with the help of NCERT 9th class science book pdf. For the most accurate answers to NCERT 9th class science book questions, you must go through the video courses provided by us.

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