As digital learning resources are new, how can I choose from live interactive classes or recorded video lectures?

The mode of education and understanding of educational content is evolving over time. Classroom education is now supported by the digital learning tools that support the studies of the students successfully. This eases the learning process of the students and helps them in learning time management with their studies. The live interactive classes and recorded video lectures are designed in such a way that they serve the competitive exam goals of the career-minded students. One type of education mode does not work for each of the students. Therefore, the lectures and videos are customized for the students. Live interactive classes are useful for the students who can be available during the respective classes as per the schedule. Recorded video lectures are focused on students who have a difficulty concerning stable internet access, which is required for the live classes.

What is the difference between Aakash iTutor and Aakash Live?

Aakash iTutor is a digital platform where students can learn at their own pace. This is done with the help of recorded video lectures as per the convenience of the students. With Aakash iTutor, students need not worry about the lecture schedules and do not commit to a time frame. Students receive access to printed study material, e-books, test series, and memory chips. Chip learning and online learning are two options available for the students under the concept of Aakash iTutor.

Aakash Live is the type of digital platform where students can attend live interactive classes in the respective schedule. Students can go for the weekdays and weekend classes as per their convenience. The classes can be attended on desktop, laptop, tablet, or even mobile phone with a stable internet connection. The classes are conducted in bilingual and complete English batches.

Does Aakash Digital offer any financial aid to economically weaker students?

Aakash Digital always supports the meritorious students who want to take guidance from the subject experts at the organization. Aakash digital offers students financial aid in the form of scholarships. The set of examinations includes Aakash National Talent Hunt, All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS), and Admission cum Scholarship Test (ACST). AIATS is the flagship test series conducted by the Aakash Institute. The results of the exam will determine the final scholarship amount for the respective student who has attempted the scholarship examination of Aakash Institute.

How can digital learning mediums help the students learn from home if we don’t have an internet connection?

The digital learning programs and mediums offered by Aakash Digital serve students in different ways. In the absence of the internet connection, Aakash iTtutor offers NEET and JEE subjects in the form of recorded video lectures. The material of the course is added in an SD card which can be accessed easily on a laptop, tablet or even phone.

Since there is no physical presence of a teacher, will the discipline be the same as that of an actual classroom?

The experts who take the lectures in the live sessions online are experienced in their respective subjects. They ensure that the same discipline is maintained throughout the live sessions. Here, the physical presence of a teacher does not impact the overall standard of the course.

As digital classes will be for limited hours, will the complete syllabus get over in the course within the stipulated period?

Each of the live interactive classes and recorded video lessons are designed based on the requirement of the complete syllabus. One of the unique points is that each of the digital classes is designed such that students can study for both the entrance and school exams without compromising any of them.

How skilled are the teachers teaching the courses and what is their schedule of availability for the students who need more guidance?

All of the courses of Aakash Digital are designed under the expertise of the top subject experts. The “Doubt Resolution Helpline” and “Ask an Expert” have been introduced for helping students who are not in touch with physical classroom facilities during their exam preparation. Students get all their doubts cleared immediately on the available mode.

As the teaching mode is purely online, will the student receive the same quality of education as he would have got in the classroom?

The online teaching mode is similar to that of classroom teaching. Students need not worry about the study material’s quality or expertise of the teachers. The quality of all the features is the same as that of classroom teaching.

Since all the classes will be online, how will parents monitor their child’s progress?

Parents can easily keep track of the progress of their child during his preparation with the online courses. This will help them understand the performance of the student along with the areas where he needs to work hard and smart. A unique feature is that the online parent-teacher meeting ensures the presence of transparency in the preparation of the student. This happens in the case of the live sessions.

When a student opts for Aakash iTutor, then a weekly SMS is sent to the registered number. The message comprises a total number of hours video watched, most-watched video, and average video length watched in the particular week. This helps parents to monitor and keep a track of their child’s performance irrespective of the fact that Aakash iTutor is a recorded form of teaching and learning method.

Since there is no fixed schedule of the classes in the online course, does it take more time to complete the syllabus in online classes than the traditional classroom?

The live classes under the Aakash Live are conducted in a specific time frame under a specific time frame. In that particular number of hours, the entire syllabus is completed with success.

Recorded lectures in the Aakash iTutor are created such that the students are taught about the respective subject in the stipulated time period. Students will also receive daily, fortnightly, and term tests to evaluate the performance in each of the subjects. The subjects need to be completed on time to perform well in the routine online tests conducted during the course period.

What if a student misses a live lecture because of an unstable internet connection? Will the student get a separate class instead of it?

The interactive live sessions get recorded which students enrolled in the course can access later. If the student has missed any of the lectures, he can simply access the course material with the recorded lectures.

As online classes will be for competitive exams, will the student need to take the assistance of tuitions?

The course material of the Aakash iTutor and Aakash Live is such that the basic concepts of the students are built strong for both competitive exams and board exams at the same time.

How to watch recorded video lectures on Aakash Digital website?

You can log into your account by simply visiting the website:

  2. Click on Log in
  3. Enter your login details
  4. Choose your course
  5. You are ready to watch the video lectures
How can I ask my doubts on Aakash iTutor?

As a student, doubt-clearing sessions are much more significant. After enrolling in the Aakash iTutor app, students can ask their doubts in the ‘Ask an Expert’ section.

What qualities makes Aakash iTutor different from others?

Aakash iTutor helps you strengthen your medical, engineering and class 8-10 exams preparation with recorded video lectures. You can watch the videos as many times as you want to understand the concept and to perform well in the exam. Further, the online NEET/JEE/Foundations course at Aakash iTutor gives you access to e-books, printed study material created by the best faculty of Aakash and practice tests to revise and practice what you have learnt.

Who are going to be the teachers?

The best faculty of Aakash record the video lectures by using advanced techniques like animations, digital board, graphs, illustrations and images to help you quickly understand the topics and remember the information.

How many pre-recorded videos are enough to crack NEET/JEE/Class 8-10 scholarship exams?

You have to go through all the course material that your package is going to provide. All the online lectures, e-books and tests cover varied topics. So, to ace the exam with excellent scores you need to take out time to cover all of the given topics. The best part is that you can access the content at your own pace and as per your learning style.

Is the product compatible with all electronic-reading gadgets?

The answer is Yes, Aakash iTutor NEET/JEE/Foundations course study material can be accessed on desktop, laptops, tablets and mobile phones in both online as well as offline modes.

How can I ask my doubts on Aakash iTutor?

You can ask your doubts in ‘Ask an Expert’ section both on website as well as on Aakash Digital Learning App. Experienced Aakash faculty replies to your queries to help you clear your doubts and prepare well for the entrance exam.

Do I need extra course material to study from, whilst studying on after having I-tutor?

Aakash iTutor was especially designed as a whole set of course material, to satisfy the needs of information occurring into exams like NEET and JEE. You won’t be needing any extra material as the products itself contains mock tests, practice papers and previous year question papers covering all the topics.

Is the money refundable after the cancellation of the product?

No, the money is not refundable under any circumstances.

What is the average time it needs to complete the course from Aakash iTutor?

Aakash iTutor courses are for one-year and two-year duration. Now completing the syllabus covered through recorded video lectures completely depends on the students. The best part about the online coursese is that these allow you to learn at your own pace and master the topics by watching the video lectures as many times as you want.

What does the Aakash iTutor course include?

The product insights completely depend on what courses you are opting for. Students opting for Premium Aakash iTutor courses get recorded video lectures, e-books, printed study material and practice tests as part of their course material while the students buying Classic course get access to recorded video lectures only.

What will be the approx. number of videos in Aakash iTutor?

Number of videos for NEET/JEE/Class 8-10 courses vary from course to course and the product are you opting for. Like, Premium Package for Class XI+XII NEET, contains 1148 videos, covering all the clarifications and doubts. And on the other hand, product like Classic Package for Class XII (PCB) contains 493 recorded video lectures.

Are there any free demo classes available?

Yes, free demo classes are available for the students to get an idea of the teaching methods and style. The students can experience the whole process before deciding whether to buy it or not. To attend the demo live online classes, you can download the Aakash Digital Learning App.

I don’t have a laptop/computer. Can I live classes on my tablet/smartphone?

Yes, you can attend live interactive classes on tablet and smartphone. All you need is the internet connection on your device.

Note: You cannot attend Aakash Live classes on iPad.

When and how will I be informed about the class schedule and timing?

Once you enroll for the online course, you will be provided all the details such as your login credentials, class schedule and test schedules via mail. You can also check the notice-board to get updates of upcoming classes.

What should I do if my live video keeps lagging/stopping?

In case of any technical issues during live interactive classes, you can call up the technical support team at 8800012998.

Can I cancel my subscription midterm and will I get any money refunded?

Yes, you are completely free to cancel subscription anytime you want, but there is no provision for money refund.

Does the Aakash Live package include AIATS and other test series?

Yes, Aakash Live package for NEET, JEE and class 8-10 exams give you access to AIATS and other practice tests including Daily Practice Tests, Previous Year Exams and Mock Tests.

After payment, when will my package be activated?

Once you make the payment and we receive duly filled admission form, it will take 3-5 working days to activate your package. You will get a welcome mail with your login credentials and class schedule.

What are the system and internet requirements for Aakash Live to work properly?

You can attend Aakash Live classes on desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. As far as internet connection in concerned, live online classes work effectively on 512 kbps internet speed.

What all will the kit I receive include and when will it be delivered to me?

The kit will be delivered to you within 3-5 working days after you have paid the course fee. You will receive printed study material as per the modules.

What physical course material will I get in the Aakash Live package?

As part of the online course, you will receive printed books for revision and note-making. The syllabus in the printed study material is prepared by best of Aakash faculty.

If I want to change my live subscription to a classroom one, can I do that and vice versa?

Yes, you can change your live subscription to a classroom one. To change your subscription, you will be required to pay a transfer fees of INR 1,000.

Can I take this course irrespective of my location?

Yes, this is the USP of live online classes. Students can attend the classes from the convenience and safety of their home irrespective of their location. Aakash Live classes are for the students who don’t have access to the quality coaching for NEET, JEE and other school level scholarship exams preparation.

How long will I have access to the course material?

You will be able to attend live classes, watch recorded videos, take tests and access e-books throughout your course. Once your course is over, you will not be able to access the course material.

What if I miss a live online class?

Actually, you never miss a class on Aakash Live. If you are not able to attend a live online class, you can watch the recording of the live lecture and can check it out as per your convenience. The recorded lectures are available long after they are gone from the live platform.

Can I pause the live video?

No, you cannot pause a live lecture. However, you can pause and replay the recorded video lecture as many times as you want.

How many times can I re-watch the live lectures?

During the course duration, you can watch the recordings of live classes as many times as you want.

How do the Parent-Teacher Interactions function for the Aakash Live NEET course?

The parent teacher interactions are an important part of the course; whether it is online course or offline course. Aakash Live allows parents to interact with the teachers in real-time environment via online PTMs. In this process, the parents can either choose to go live via the webcam or talk to the teachers through the chat box provided. It is time specific and the parents have to come to discuss their ward’s progress and weak points as per the scheduled time.

Where to log in to attempt test?

You need to visit to attempt the test.

You can also attempt online practice tests on Aakash Digital Learning App.

How can I attempt Test?

Step 1: Log in to Aakash Digital

Step 2: Go to your dashboard

Step 3: Click on "Go to learning experience".

Some of my tests are showing under the missed section. What does it mean?

These are the tests, you did not attempt on the fixed schedule. However, you can attempt these tests later and still get all the analysis except Rank amongst other students.

Where can I find the syllabus & schedule of upcoming tests?

Follow the given steps to find the syllabus & schedule of upcoming tests:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Log in using your User Id and password & click on the dashboard button

Step 3: Choose your current class and course combination from the drop-down at the top right corner

Step 4: Click on “TAKE A TEST” option and select the relevant test. After selecting your test, click on “Test Schedule” at the top right corner to access the schedule of the test. To access syllabus there is “View Syllabus” button in front of each test’s name. Click on the button to view the syllabus of a particular test.

Step 5: If you are not able to view the Test Schedule, click on “Load unsafe scripts” from the top right corner of your browser

What is the no. of the tests in AIATS?

The number of tests in AIATS depends on the class and exam you selected. It may vary from 8 to 20 tests.

When will be the result of AIATS and other tests published?

The result of all tests is declared within 24 hours of submitting the test.

Where can I find the answer key, solution and performance reports of the test?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to check the answer key, performance reports and solution of the tests you attempted:

Step 1: Log in to Aakash Digital Learning app or visit and log in using your User Id and Password

Step 2: Click on “Take a Test” then click on “Attempted”

Step 3: Choose the test and click on ‘View Report’ to get answer keys, solutions and performance reports

What is the duration of the Test?

Duration of different tests varies. For instance, Daily Practice Tests (DPTs) are of 20 minutes while mock tests and AIATS are of 3 hours.

How can I reset my password?

If you forgot your password, we can help you reset it by sending you a 'Password Reset' link.

  • Visit
  • Click on 'Forgot Password'
  • Enter your E-mail id / Login ID / PSID to change your password and click on 'Send'
  • A link will be sent to your email address and registered mobile number
  • Check your inbox for the email
  • Click on the link provided in the email and reset your password
Can I attempt the test on mobile devices?

Yes, you can attempt tests on all Android mobile devices.

Can I also ask my doubts?

This feature is available for students buying ranker or scholar package. If you buy any of these packages, you will be allowed to ask two doubts every day.

Can I cancel my subscription and what will be the process for the same?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. To cancel your subscription, you can talk to our expert at +91-8800012988.

Is the money refundable after the cancellation of the product?

If you cancel your product or course, no refund shall be issued.

Are tests available in other languages?

All tests are available only in the English language.

Do you also have online practice tests for state board exams preparation?

Aakash PracTest provides online practice tests for NEET-UG, IIT-JEE, Foundations and CBSE board exams preparation only.

Can I attempt these tests offline or I have to attempt it online?

You will need an internet connection to start and submit the test. However, while attempting the test, you can continue in offline mode.

Can I download the question papers?

You cannot download the tests for practice purpose. For performance analysis, you can check answer keys and performance reports once you have attempted these papers online.

What happens if there is power failure or internet gets disconnected while I am taking the test?

In case of power failure, the test will get paused. You can resume it anytime again.

In case, the internet gets disconnected while taking the test, you can continue taking it. You will require an internet connection to submit the test only.

Will the mock tests work on a low-bandwidth/dial-up connection?

Yes, you can attempt online practice tests on the slow internet connection as well.

What are the various modes of payment for course fees?

You can pay using any of these methods:
1. Cheque
2. Demand Draft (Hereinafter "DD")
(Please note that all Cheque(s) / DD(s) should be drawn in favour of 'Aakash Educational Services Limited')
3. Net banking (NEFT / RTGS)
4. Mobile Wallets
5. Credit and Debit Cards
EMI option available. Please check with the counsellor for more details.

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